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Once you download and install the module from the "Downloads" section of this site (to get started quickly use the install download) just install the module like any other module for the DotNetNuke CMS system.

After the installation just access the settings section for the module once you added the SiteLinks module to a page. Most of the module's settings is self-explanatory with the possible exception of the "Root Page" setting.

This setting controls which page the links will be based off of. For example, say your site has the following tree:

  • Home
  • About Us
    • Staff
    • Mission Statement
    • Governance
  • Products
    • Product 1
    • Product 2
      • Product 2 Feature 1
      • Product 2 Feature 2
      • Product 2 Feature 3
    • Product 3
  • Contact Us
    • Email Us
    • Visit Us
    • Call Us

Now, with this tree let's say you want a list of links that falls under the "Product 2" page to be displayed on the home page.

You would add the SiteLinks module to the home page, set the "Type of Links" setting to "Child Level" and set the "Root Page" setting to the "Product 2" page. 

If you want the listing of links to based off the page in which the module was added to then no need to change the setting.

That's all, if there are any questions or concerns use the "Issues" section of this CodePlex project site to report them.

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